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Default OT but a good read. :-)

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If you are in a fair fight anymore, it means your tactics suck.

If you have to fight at all, something else sucks even worse.

So how would you fix the problem? Taking away ALL a cops power is not
the answer.

Criminals cannot be tolerated. They thrive on the indulgence of society.

England is a perfect example. People being prosecuted for defending

Don't believe everything you read in the papers, Om. Or on usenet.

Ok, but most of that thing DOES come from the UK media.

It was the UK papers i was talking about!

A lot of what I've read seems to be bloody unfair.

Yup. Makes a better story that way, and thus sells more copies.

So you are saying most of it is lies? That'd be a relief. It would seem
bloody unfair for someone to go to jail for defending themselves against
a mugging and/or have the robber that broke into their home win a
lawsuit on top of it.

It's usually (but not always) the case that all that did happen, but the
particulars of the case are such that the punishment was just.

The Tony Martin case is the only one i can talk about offhand. That was
where two guys broke into a farmer's house, and he shot and killed one in
self-defence, and was sent to prison for murder.

Except that what actually happened is that when Mr Martin showed up with
his gun, the burglars turned tail and fled - and then Martin shot one in
the back. Yes, they were on his property, and yes, they had been trying to
steal his stuff. But he quite deliberately killed someone who posed him no
physical threat, and was not at that moment in the process of committing a
crime. That's murder.


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