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Default Newbie question: moving from dumbell squats to barbell squats

(Renee) wrote in

I've been reading Krista's site and this newsgroup for a while, but
this is the first time I've posted. Since the end of February, I've
been regularly lifting weights at home two or three times a week. I
used to do squats with a pair of dumbells held to my chest. I made
sure my feet were flat to the floor, my knees didn't pass my toes,
back didn't round, and that I went below parallel. Last week, I bought
a barbell (it's 10 pounds), because I was squatting 40 pounds, and I
thought I should start doing the barbell ones. I guess the dumbells
helped balance me, because I kept falling over backwards with the bar.
Even when I try squatting by myself, I fall over. So, now I'm starting
over with just the bar. Are there any tricks I can use, or do I just
need to build up some other muscles?


Assuming you're putting the bar on your back, it's gonna be a big shock. Go
he and look at the difference
between a back squat and a front squat. Your back is in a very different
position--you lean forward much more in a back squat to stay on balance.
Front squats will feel more like what you're used to.


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