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Steve Freides
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Default Clapping pushups, ow.

Good for you for trying, Theresa. From someone who has to do pushups in
TKD class by the dozen's, sometimes by the hundreds, a couple of
suggestions for things to try *before* you do clapping pushups.

- Fist pushups, often called knuckle pushups. Work them in the usual
position, knuckles parallel to your collar bone, and also 90 degrees
away from that.

- Fingertip pushups. 'Nuff said.

And when you've got the hang of those, try doing your clapping pushups
explosively, bending your elbows for what feels like it will get you the
maximum lift, flying up in the air as much as possible, doing your clap,
and catching yourself with plenty of time to spare. (I know, I
know....) A good intermediate step is doing the pushup explosively but
without the clap.


Theresa wrote:

Well, I did 20 guy pushups, so I figured I'd try clapping pushups.

Actually, double clapping pushups: spring up, clap hands together, land,
face and chest slap floor.

Owie. Oh, the ignominy. Oh, the bloody nose.

Now I *really* want to do them. ;-) Maybe not after 20 regular pushups,

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