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Default Clapping pushups, ow.

Subject: Clapping pushups, ow.
From: Steve Freides
Date: 8/2/03 5:20 PM Central Daylight Time

Good for you for trying, Theresa. From someone who has to do pushups in
TKD class by the dozen's, sometimes by the hundreds,

Just curious. Do most of the class members maintain good form into the

a couple of
suggestions for things to try *before* you do clapping pushups.

- Fist pushups, often called knuckle pushups. Work them in the usual
position, knuckles parallel to your collar bone, and also 90 degrees
away from that.

- Fingertip pushups. 'Nuff said.

I see a lot of people attempt these, but they rarely keep their weight on the
tips of their fingers. Instead, they let their fingers splay out until they're
doing . . . well . . . finger pushups. Not finger*tip*.

Personally, I find clapping pushups about as easy.

Patrick Falcon