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Steve Freides
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Default Clapping pushups, ow.

PatrickFalcon31 wrote:

Subject: Clapping pushups, ow.
From: Steve Freides
Date: 8/2/03 5:20 PM Central Daylight Time

Good for you for trying, Theresa. From someone who has to do pushups in
TKD class by the dozen's, sometimes by the hundreds,

Just curious. Do most of the class members maintain good form into the

No. My teacher holds the highest ranking possible at the discipline he
teaches, and even his pushups don't look much like pushups. I figure
that if good form isn't important to him, it doesn't need to be
important to me, either. Just bending your elbows and straightening
them again seems to be sufficient. Performing them with a swayed back
seems to be the norm. There's a nice piece by Steven Cotter on the
Dragon Door site about how he now uses kettlebells for 95% of what he
used to use high-rep bodyweight exercises for in his martial arts
teaching. (Steven Cotter is a former US champion and Olympic team
member at a Chinese martial art whose name escapes me at the moment.
The URL for his piece is and then you
click on his name.

a couple of
suggestions for things to try *before* you do clapping pushups.

- Fist pushups, often called knuckle pushups. Work them in the usual
position, knuckles parallel to your collar bone, and also 90 degrees
away from that.

- Fingertip pushups. 'Nuff said.

I see a lot of people attempt these, but they rarely keep their weight on the
tips of their fingers. Instead, they let their fingers splay out until they're
doing . . . well . . . finger pushups. Not finger*tip*.

I don't think mine would qualify as purist fingertip pushups but they're
certainly not finger pushups, either. Nothing above the knuckle closest
to the end of the finger is touching the ground but the hand isn't in a
cupped shape, either. Whatever I'm doing, it's definitely harder than a
normal pushup.

Personally, I find clapping pushups about as easy.

I do, too, but clapping pushups are harder to learn. Once you can do
them, they're not that hard. I've done several sets of 10 clapping
pushups in my TKD class during the course of a few minutes without too
much difficulty, although they get harder pretty quickly for me shortly
after 10 reps.


Patrick Falcon