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Default FA: used Kestrel 500 SCi 57 cm 98&rd=1

Up for auction is a used 57 centimeter "Kestrel 500 SCi" carbon fiber
road bike with light weight parts. Complete bike weighs 18.5 pounds on
my bathroom scale, as shown. See my other auctions for Rolf 650C

Here are the highlights:

Frame: Kestrel one piece carbon fiber for 650C wheels. Classic road
race geometry for quick, stable handling and all day comfort. Aero
tube shapes. No cracks.
Fork: Kestrel one piece carbon fiber for 650C wheels. This is the fork
that started the carbon fork revolution. Aero tube shapes. No cracks.
Wheels: Dura-Ace 9 speed rear hub, Ultegra 6400 front hub, butted
spokes, aero clincher rims.
Components: Dura-Ace 8 speed shifters and drive train, Ultegra
headset, light weight Shimano BR-1050 brake calipers, various light
weight ti and aluminum bolts.

Pedals not included.

Condition is used, so there are the usual minor paint chips here and
there, but bike has been well maintained throughout its life. No frame
or fork cracks. Spokes are tight and rims are true. One bottle boss
has been tapped out to oversize M6x1, but rivnuts do not spin. Tire
tread is cracking from age but no cords are broken. Chain and cassette
are about 500 miles old.

Frame and fork are in good condition, certainly no structural problems
some Kestrels have had. I've ridden the bike since it was new, and
have perhaps 5000 miles on it. I figure if the frame had a problem it
would have shown up by now. ;-)

Paint has a few of the usual scratches and so forth, but nothing big
or ugly.

I'm happy to answer specific questions or send close up photos. Please
request any details or different shots you'd like.

Insurance for shipping is optional; you pay actual cost.
Professionally packed.

Thanks for looking!