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Default Polar heart rate monitor battery life of transmitter

In response to queries raised by Peter Webb:
1. How did you know that you needed a new transmitter battery, if your watch
battery also needed replacing?

The repair engineer at Leisure Systems International reported a low
transmitter battery, based on their diagnostic tests.

2. As you know, the transmitter cannot be explicitly turned off. What causes
it to consume power is a circuit between its sensor pads. This will exist if
it is stored with (say) a damp towel, or if it is wet for other reasons.
Keep it dry and it should last about 10 times as long as the watch battery

I did keep the transmitter separate from damp items - and stored it in
its bag. I was expecting it to last much longer than the watch
battery - hence my disappointment at being advised to replace the
transmitter after 2.5 years.