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I am planning on changing my program from a 5-day program to the 4-day
program that follows. I also plan on only doing 1 set to failure on
each, but plan on doing normal speed reps instead of the slow reps
suggested buy HIT (but under control with good form - to absolute

4-day program, and HIT don't really go together hand in hand.
Intensity and volume are polar opposites. I would be training less
often. Generally speaking though, increasing your intensity of effort
by training to failure, is moving in the right direction. Two second
positive and four second negative works for me.

Seeing as how you're such a newbie, maybe you should shut up and educate
yourself. Training to failure is rarely a worthwhile technique and has
nothing to do with intensity, which is simply a % of 1rm.

How is training to failure not a worthwhile technique? I have never
heard this before. I have always read, heard, and just plain knew in
my heart that performing a set until you just can't do another rep was
the best way to stimulate muscle growth.