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Hi everyone...I'm currently 5'10", 157 lbs. I recently joined a local
gym and would appreciate if someone could recommend a good
weightlifting routine for me. My goal is to pack on some muscle mass,
but I'm not looking to be huge. I'd like to have a physique which has
nice muscle definition and a little size to it. Basically, I'd like to
fill out a shirt and look great without it. I've worked out before,
but was never able to see astounding results. I know all about how
much protein I need to ingest, but what about calories overall?
Perhaps someone can provide a routine which worked for them. Finally,
what type of cardio schedule would I need to maintain?

Thanks for the help!

Check out for some good alternative
programs. Ignore the "this site is for women" stuff all over, don't know how
that got there.

You could also look at HST (http://www.hypertrophy- but that's probably better left until you've
been at it a while.

Guessing based on height and weight, you can probably afford to gain weight
while lifting for a while to put on muscle. But don't worry about it too
much for a few months--first you want to get into the groove and learn the
various exercises with good form.


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