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Ken wrote:
No Mike you are not. But when you cross the line at the Great Floridian you
will still be an IM. I learned that last March after finishing 2nd in ag
at IMNZ, my one and only event this year.


"Mike Tennent" wrote in message

It just occurred to me that the ONLY triathlon I'm going to do this
year is the Great Floridian (IM distance.)

In the past I've managed to get a few more races in, but my travel
schedule kept me from even doing that.

My training level is still relatively high, but I just haven't raced.

Am I still a triathlete? g

When can a criminal or an author or an athlete state truly I Am A
Whatever? Intent is always necessary of course, but having once been
incarcerated, having been published, the finish line crossed, is the
perpetrator no longer a Whatever even though the intent continues? I
used to be a criminal, I served my time, and I intend to commit another
crime. What am I? I wrote a book and you read it; I'm planning the
next. Am I not an author? I've crossed dozens of finish lines, I'm
limping now but I intend to cross another biggie. If that's not called
a Triathlete, I'll throw away all my medals and never again eat Gu.

Ruth Kazez

(Please, the *I* is non-specific.)