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Mike Tennent wrote:

It just occurred to me that the ONLY triathlon I'm going to do this
year is the Great Floridian (IM distance.)

In the past I've managed to get a few more races in, but my travel
schedule kept me from even doing that.

My training level is still relatively high, but I just haven't raced.

Am I still a triathlete? g

Mike Tennent

Heh... Mike, i do believe it was YOU hold told ME i was a triathlete if
i've done ANY races. i only managed one tri this year... yeah, a major
bummer but circumstances made it work out that way.

so yeah, you are still a triathlete.

and like you, my training level is still fairly high (for me and my
goals), even though i haven't raced in a quite a while. but i made it my
goal to always be READY for a race. like a last minute decision or

keep the faith... and fer cryin' out loud, when you are doing bloody IM
races, of course you are a triathlete, no matter what!!!