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Sets required: 2
Lat pulldown- reps 10, weight 6
Chest Press- reps 10, weight 3
Seated row- reps 10, weight 3
Leg sled- reps 12, weight 9
Shoulder press- reps 10, weight 1
Fit ball situps- reps 15.
Tredmill 30min.

Looks like a "typical" whole-body+aerobics workout, usually done
three times a week.

I am more concerned about the waistline and belly only. I will
eventually get an atheletic torso/flat stomach is what i want most.

The regimen described above should get you there. There is
strength-training to increase (hopefully) lean body mass, aerobic
exercise to work the cardio-vascular system and burn fat, and
abdominal exercises to strengthen/tighten those.

You cannot spot-reduce fat, if that's what you're thinking. You can
tone and strengthen areas with fat build-up, of course, but the fat's
going to come off in the reverse order in which it went on,
regardless of what areas you work out.


Any improvements on this in general or other things we ought to


Looks like a fairly comprehensive regimen. Hard to say if the
weights you note are too-little, enough or just right. (Those
numbers don't really mean anything.) Generally, for "toning," you
want 8-12 reps (some say 8-16 reps), two or three sets, controlling
the weights cleanly. If you want to burn the fat off a little more
quickly: After you're in shape, you migh ask your PT whether
high-intensity interval training is for you.

Disclaimer: I'm neither a physical trainer nor health professional.

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