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Steve Freides
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"collins" wrote in message
I did a bunch of situps yesterday and now there is a spot near my
belly button that's sore.. I can point to it. Is it a muscle soreness
or something else inside?
Has anyone actually experienced appendicitis and can it be

Highly unlikely. Appendicitis is an infection, which means it's usually
accompanied by a low-grade fever. As it progress, the ache in the belly
gradually localizes itself to the lower right. If you've already got a
sore spot, and your discomfort isn't localizing itself further, it's
pretty unlikely it's your appendix.

I'm not a doctor - this is just what my doctor told me as I was trying
to figure out if I had appendicitis, which was shortly before they
removed my infected appendiex.

You could, however, have injured something - see how it feels in a day
or three and start up again easy. No situps in the meantime.