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On Wed, 28 Sep 2005 22:49:20 +0100, Jell

| I'd welcome your collective advice and discussion.
| I am organising a trip to North Wales in a few weeks, ten of us, mainly
| experienced walkers, climbers and leaders but with one or two fit but
| inexperienced walkers. We aim to do some walking in the Carneddau and
| maybe the Glyders/au.
| It turns out that one of the new walkers habitually goes about barefoot,
| and would like to do that on the mountains.
| I don't have a problem with his lifestyle choice, but I'm worried about
| the consequences.
| Has anybody got any experience of this?

Only observations on what happens in Arabia and Africa.
When people regularly walk barefoot, they develop a thick hoof on the soles
of the feet, which protect the feet, so they have much less problems than
you would expect. I remember in Africa seeing someone with 1/4 thick

I would try to persuade them to carry a pair of trainers, or something just
in case of problems. Mention paths surfaced with slate chippings, which
I have seen elsewhere.

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