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Peter Clinch
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Dave Fawthrop wrote:

Only observations on what happens in Arabia and Africa.

And India, and Australia, and various parts of Asia etc. etc. Lots of
the world's population are habitually barefoot.

I would try to persuade them to carry a pair of trainers, or something just
in case of problems. Mention paths surfaced with slate chippings, which
I have seen elsewhere.

Good idea. A pair of flip flops would probably do and be quite a bit
lighter and low bulk. I walk around barefoot a fair bit (but not at the
level of hiking), and the only real problems are on smallish (a few cm)
loose stones of an angular nature, but regrettably formally built paths
are often surfaced with the like these days.

I recall there was an article in TGO a few years ago now about a chap
usually doing his UK hiking barefoot. It's unusual but if you're used
to it then there shouldn't be a particular problem.

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