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On Thu, 29 Sep 2005 09:52:09 +0100, Peter Clinch

| Dave Fawthrop wrote:
| Only observations on what happens in Arabia and Africa.
| And India, and Australia, and various parts of Asia etc. etc. Lots of
| the world's population are habitually barefoot.
| I would try to persuade them to carry a pair of trainers, or something just
| in case of problems. Mention paths surfaced with slate chippings, which
| I have seen elsewhere.
| Good idea. A pair of flip flops would probably do and be quite a bit
| lighter and low bulk.

Not a good idea, I have walked interesting hills in flip flops, in Aden
(South Yemen). Your foot slides about on a layer of sweat, which is not
much of a problem on the level, but caused problems on steep slopes. A
couple of times the thong broke, when I was at the top of a steep slope of
volcanic clinker :-( which made for an interesting, slow descent. The
Arabs used leather sandals with similar strapping arrangement to walking
sandals. Walking sandals would be light and get you out of most problems.
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