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Default Advice on walking shoes

I'm a bit of a newbie here, so apologies if this is something that's
been discussed a few times before...

I've been doing some walking as part of my fitness programme. I have
built up the distances so I can do c 12 miles in an afternoon and not
feel too bad the next day, although I haven't yet tried a long walk
two days in a row (although I sometimes do a short walk the second day
to loosen up those tired muscles).

My only problem is I am getting sore feet. It's not a case of
blisters, broken skin etc, although it was to start with - it feels
more like bruising to the sole and, to a lesser extend, heel. I am
using a pair of lightweight Brasher walking boots, only a lot of my
walking is on canal towpaths and the like, which are often cinder
tracks or tarmacked. So I'm thinking that my walking boots do not
support my feet in the right way for walking on hard, flat surfaces,
and possibly do not cushion my feet in the right way.

So I decided I would look for some decent race-walking type shoes
which presumably would be optimised for track and road work. I looked
on the New Balance website and they do a huge range of walking shoes,
with shock-absorbing soles etc etc. However, none of their suppliers
in London and the South East seem to stock their walking range, only
their running shoes. I am not prepared to buy online as I have odd
sized feet (and in any case I much prefer to try shoes on).

Can anyone advise me what might be suitable and where I can get it?
Are "trail walking" shoes appropriate, or would they be for rougher
(and softer) ground than I want?

And are there any useful web forums out there that might be some use?

Too many questions...