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Default bench press and overhead press question...and dips?

Steve Freides wrote:

It's not a lack of shoulder development that's the problem with benching
a lot, it's that, for many people, it leads to injury, whereas OH
pressing seems to lead shoulder development that's as good or better but
without the rotator cuff and other common injuries. The reason people
who don't compete bench press, IMHO, is that bench pressing will do much
more for pec development than overhead pressing and people want that.
If you're after solid shoulders, overhead presses will serve you very

Just my opinion.


i added in overhead press and dips into my routine many years ago
because of the problems i was having with bench press, and it was the
opinion of arthur jones (i've read most of his stuff--it's
entertaining, at least) that overhead press was much more beneficial
than straight bar bench.

however, i honestly never noticed that great of an effect on my pec
development from dips. and, on top of that, it felt like the dips were
hurting my shoulders. maybe i was trying to go too heavy on the dips,
but it always felt like my shoulders were being stressed too much in
the deep position.

of course, this was all before a two year (complete) layoff of

maybe i'll take another look at dips again....

what do you think about dips for pec development rather than bench
press? less chance of injury? is the exercise more efficient and
effective than bench?