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Default Best Cardio Machine for Lower Back Strengthening?

"Joe Weaks" wrote in message
I'm looking at buying an Elliptical, Treadmill, Bike, Recumbent, or
Climber for Cardio. I'm id decent shape, less than 20 pounds over

I have chronic pain around a fused vertebrae in lower back, so want my
choice to also be the one that gives the most benefit as far as lower
back strengthening. (A rower would be too direct/painful.)

Is there a clear choice which of the above makes the right machine?
thinking Elliptical.

I highly recommend you read this book:

While it's rather technical, it will give you some very good guidance
about choosing exercise that will make your back stronger without
damaging it further. Someone in your position cannot simply choose a
machine - you must be aware of the right form/technique to use,
regardless of the exercise. Proper exercise selection _and_ proper
technique together are what you need.

Just my opinion, but I have suffered a debilitating back injury - you
can read more about my history and my training at the site below if you