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Default Hogg Apologizes to Garrison/Cardone


I been over at rec.running, and OMIGOD....

They have an inbred character over there that absolutely is
wreaking havoc. The normally stodgy and squeaky-clean
rec.running--albeit with 90% of its posts asking "Why do I have _____
injury? I only ran 500 miles this week...."--is now *mayhem* because of
one single colossal asshole. Makes G&C seem like emotionally healthy
pundits; makes the hole of MFW seem like a Mensa party!

Garrison, you wanted me to perform fellatio on you--
I WILL.... I WILL.... I WILL.... on Cardone too!!! (Well,
maybe I'll send my second....) But, it will be my privilege!!!! Just
protect us from Bill-sometimes hard-Rogers (no kidding)!
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