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Default My Transformation: From A 135lb Twig, To A Solid 195lb Body Of Lean Muscle @ 8% body fat!

Wow! How did I know that this was some SPAM for a ****ing blog? ;-)

Robert Schuh
"Everything that elevates an individual above the herd and
intimidates the neighbour is henceforth called evil; and
the fair, modest, submissive and conforming mentality,
the mediocrity of desires attains moral designations and honors"
- Nietzsche

"alex" wrote in message
hey friends,

I was once a really skinny guy at 135lb and couldn't gain weight at
all because my metabolism was too fast, genetics didn't allow me, blah
blah blah. 2 years later I am now 195lb at 8% bf, it wasn't easy

Here's how I started. I read forums, articles, and kept buying one
program after another, my friend recommended an ebook he said worked
for him, so I thought it had potential to maybe work for me too.
It was called muscle gain truth, I ordered it and received it
instantly, I then started to read it skeptically, not knowing whether
it was another scam or not.
Everything made sense as this guy called Sean Nalewanyj (author of
muscle gain truth) explained everything in everyday language, not
confusing and complicated jargon like other muscle building books and

Unlike other programs I tried in the past, this one worked! Within a
few weeks I was packing on pounds of muscle and increasing my strength
heaps! Building muscle isn't hard or complicated once you know exactly
what to do.

I like this program so much I wrote a comprehensive review of it and
am recommending it to others because I know it will help them like it
helped me, on the 1% chance that muscle gain truth won't work for you,
you can get a full refund, no questions asked. How good is that!?

Lets cut to the chase, if you're serious about gaining muscle weight
and strength, check this out now!