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Default Looking for Advice on Beginning Weightlifting (Absolute Beginner)

Tom Nowalsky writes:

Hello Everybody:

I am looking for some friendly advice for an absolute beginner who
is interested in beginning strength training.

Unlike Tom I personally believe that the place to start for anyone
looking to get in shape is weight training. I ran between 6 and 10
miles a week consistently for years without any real visible change in
my body, and without losing more than a few pounds.

Once I started lifting weights I began to lose weight, and I felt far
more prepared for what the world had to throw at me. I also began to
improve my running times.

Personally I think that low intensity cardio is the biggest waste of
time in the entire exercise world. Lift weights, add some muscle, and
see how that makes you feel. If you find that you still get winded
don't start jogging, start doing barbell complexes, kettlebell
snatches, or high intensity intervals of some sort.

I still run on occasion just to make sure I still can, but I don't
waste a lot of my precious training time on low intensity hamstering.

First of all, I am 35 years old, male, moderately overweight, and I
have never lifted weights in my life. I occasionally play non-
stressful sports like volleyball and basketball, but would not
consider myself in even "average" shape. I am way below-average,
and get winded climbing a flight of stairs.

The good news is that changing your level of fitness isn't as hard as
you'd think. In fact, after a while it becomes addicting.

For my goals, I guess I would like to lose a lot of weight, but most
importantly, I would like to improve my health, which is currently
suffering from my overweight condition. If I could improve my
health, looks would be a secondary consideration.

I would suggest that your short term goal be to create an exercise
habit. Once you get to the point where exercise is a part of your
routine you have basically won the battle.

I am hoping to find a convenient, fun, challenging form of exercise
that I can hopefully keep up long-term. As a personal note, I tend
to have a hard time picking up habits, but once I form them I tend
to stick with them. I am hoping to make physical fitness a
long-term habit.

That's it precisely.

If anyone has any kind of tips for a total beginner who is serious
about improving his health, I would really appreciate hearing from
you. Thanks in advance!

The important thing is to start right away. So go get yourself an
adjustable dumbbell handle and some weight. Don't spend a lot of
money on the darn thing because chances are really good that once you
get serious you'll find that you purchased the wrong thing. WalMart
has what you need.

The next step is to get instructions on how to do the following
exercises with a dumbbell:

Overhead press
Bent over row
Goblet squat
One arm floor press
One leg deadlift

And the final step is to take your dumbbell and simply do 5-10 reps of
each exercise for 2-3 sets at least three times a week. Make sure you
write down what you did and how you felt. After 6 weeks or so take a
look at your progress (or possibly lack of progress) and try and mix
things up so that you keep progressing.

I would go into further detail, but right now all you really need is a
basic plan and some consistency. Once exercise becomes a part of your
life there are plenty of people here with a wide array of training
styles and experience. The first step is to get something heavy and
get used to moving it around on a regular basis.