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Default Looking for Advice on Beginning Weightlifting (Absolute Beginner)

Tom Anderson wrote:
Tom Nowalsky wrote:
I am looking for some friendly advice for an absolute beginner who is
interested in beginning strength training.

First of all, I am 35 years old, male, moderately overweight,

For my goals, I guess I would like to lose a lot of weight, but most
importantly, I would like to improve my health,

Does not compute. If you're moderately overweight, and want to lose weight
and improve your fitness, you don't want to begin strength training.
Rather, you need to do something that's primarily cardiovascular, that
will increase your energy output, to burn fat, and push your heart and
lungs to develop.



Tom (Anderson), if what Zinczenko (and anyone else without an orange-
covered book to hawk) offers is correct, the OP would gain muscle by
strength training which would then burn calories 24/7 versus
somethingsomething. See also

Tom (OP), to avoid snacking and/or eating 'unconsciously' you may want
to set up a menu or plan exactly what you're meals will be for the
day. Six small meals versus two big meals each day will keep your
metabolism revving, too.

3.141592666666 and then it's just all sixes for the other 298 digits. Then
after that there's just hieroglyphs of scary eyes.

Anderson, thank you for always providing these gems.