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Default Flat feet - sore knees

Any brands or specific styles your recommend bj? What about dress
shoes? I find Rockport roomier than most, but still not quite enough.

Look for shoes with a wider toebox, not wider overall.

You may have to try on *lots* of shoes, so go to a store with a good
selection, one that specializes in shoes for running & walking. If you don't
know one, ask a local running club contact. Take your old shoes, orthotics,
& sox with you shopping. Tell the clerk -- who should be very attentive
about it -- what kind of exercise, frequency, vigor, mileage, terrain, etc.
that you go on. Be prepared to spend some time on this.

When I buy new running shoes, I consider it a happy occasion if I don't have
to try more than 3-4 pairs -- not counting the ones I can see by the shape
(toebox, again, I like plenty of room for my toes to wiggle) that I won't
like. Then I try them with different insole replacements to get them to fit
"just so". Then I try them out on the treadmill in the store. It can take
well over an hour. And even then, I do a workout on the treadmill at home
before going out on the road in them -- that way they're still in returnable
condition if an over-5-min workout shows they aren't quite right.

When I find something that works for me, I get 2 more pairs so I don't have
to go through the process for at least another year. I rotate the pairs.
(You may not need to do this with walking-only shoes, but it's still a good
idea to have more than one pair.) Not only do my feet change from year to
year but so do the shoes, so I can't just order "the same thing" -- can't be
sure the new ones would still work (& sometimes the old ones aren't working
as well for me either so I really do need a change).

You may even have to spend more money on them than you expect &/or are used
to, you never can tell what'll work for you. But your feet are worth it,
especially if you like long hikes & whatnot.