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Default Flat feet - sore knees

You have to go look.
Ask the store clerk.
Then try some on, give reaction, get more help.
A good shoe-store-clerk will know about the various brands & what they are
like *now*.

I don't know anything about men's dress shoes (your mention of Rockport
implies male but I don't know for sure...) but some good shoe brands I've
looked at (looking for shoes for elderly male relative with wide feet) were
Clarks, SAS, & even HushPuppies. Some of Dr. Scholl's could work. There's a
mail order catalog for some things like this (Haband?).

It's not easy finding the right shoes if you have picky feet & want to take
care of them.

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Any brands or specific styles your recommend bj? What about dress
shoes? I find Rockport roomier than most, but still not quite enough.