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Default Does weight lifting or cardio exercises speed weight loss?

"Prisoner at War" wrote in message
On Feb 25, 10:39 am, "Homer Simpson"

I remember years ago they put a heart rate monitor on Dr Squat (Fred
Hatfield) during his squat workout. His heart rate went through the roof
during his set, it never settled back to normal during his 5 minute rest
before his next set.

Whoa, I'm not a cardiologist but I should think that there's something
wrong with this picture. A heart rate that doesn't settle back after
five minutes of rest?? Is that even physically possible???

Yes it is possible and quite common. A person's heart rate generally is
elevated the entire time their breathing is raised. If you have a heart rate
monitor try it for yourself. Do a few heavy sets of squats to get your heart
rate up and time the interval it takes to return to normal.


I still believe in slow steady arobic training for fat burning. Though I
open to reading any research anyone is willing to point me to that would
convince me otherwise. As an ex bicycle racer I am convinced that
training is the best way there is to increase fitness level. However I
know how it is as far as fat burning.

I also believe in that "slow drain" when it comes to aerobic activity
and fat-burning. It's easiest to do, and in that respect more likely
to be pursued and thus the method most likely to be successful for
many. But for those who don't have the time, or just hate cardio so
much they want to get it over with ASAP, a very intense but relatively
brief session would be just as good...interval training is the best of
both worlds, though, and helps build speed, if one is after other
training effects besides fat loss.