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Default Does weight lifting or cardio exercises speed weight loss?

On Feb 25, 3:14 pm, "Homer Simpson"

I was trying to repeat what the article had said. By "through the roof" I
meant maxed out. He hit maximum heart rate during his set. After 5 minutes
of rest his heart rate had not returned to normal (what it was before he
began his sets) leaving his average heart rate at 80% for the duration of
his workout.

They also said in that same article that Fred Hatfield had a heart as strong
as a marathon runner. Yet he said he never did any cardio exercise at all.
That was all from the powerlifting.

I believe Fred's best squat was 1014 pounds.

He's an impressive guy, yes, but like I said, five minutes should be
plenty time to get his heart back down to "normal," especially if he's
got such a strong heart. Remember, the heart's only pumping hard
'cause it's trying to keep up with demand. If it's still pumping
pretty hard (such that it's not settled back to normal) even after the
demand's stopped, after five minutes, well, that sounds scary.

Maybe someone from the newsgroup SMC can advise?