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Default Does weight lifting or cardio exercises speed weight loss?

On Feb 23, 12:38 am, Denise Howard wrote:

Exercise (cardio and strength) and diet together are the way. By
"diet" I don't mean that awful four-letter word that stands for
deprivation, denial and failure. I mean careful changes to one's daily
food intake to get good nutrition without junk calories.

Sure, all-hands-on-deck is ideal, but the original question was framed
as an either-or between cardio and lifting in the context of weight
loss, so the supreme answer would have to be a proper diet.

It's 35-50 more calories per day per pound of muscle. Muscle is
metabolically active tissue, unlike fat, which means it requires energy
just to continue to exist. So for just five extra pounds of muscle you
could burn as many as 250 calories a day doing nothing at all.

The link below (mid-page) seems to indicate only 6 calories per pound
of muscle-at-rest per day! 087%0A

Very possible. People too often get obsessed with what the scale says
instead of what the tape measure says.

Or the mirror, oddly enough! There are folks who weigh much less than
me but look way worse (like those "Biggest Loser" TV contestants who
are below 240-lbs. but still all roly-poly).