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Default Does weight lifting or cardio exercises speed weight loss?

since aerobics is all about pacing in the sense that there is a
constancy of motion and thus heartrate, should one try to acheive this
"constant state" of activity when do weights as well? should i quickly
move from one weight exercise to another without stopping? ,,,or
should i lift for the sake of lifting before moving on to aerobics.

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Well, youburnmore calories the harder you exercise, but you are
still right, cause you will stop exercising if the routine is too
hard, or need time off to recouperate. Still, all being equal, youburnmore calories, thus lose more weight, the harder you go. Any
machine that tracks calories as a function of speed and distance
should show this relationship. So lifting more weight burns more
calories than lifting less weight and running faster burns more
calories than running more slowly. It would be strange if it were any
other way. When I work out on a treadmill, I am able to punch in my
weight and speed and the machine tracks speed, time, and distance.
There is this guy that often works out beside me and he really runs
fast. He also burns 2X the calories that I do for the time. The only
question is whether youburnmore calories walking for two miles or
running two miles. Obviously, you would finish sooner by running. You
would alsoburnmore calories totat. Which one is best for you?
Probably the running, since it increasescardio, but that is not
entirely clear. I would think if you are otherwise healthy, running
would be best for your heart as well, but that is not 100%. dkw

From what I have read you don'tburnfatfor fuel as efficiently if you go
into an anarobic state. You need the oxygen toburnfatas fuel. So though
you may be burning more calories going harder, less of what you are burning
isfat. The body will canabalise muscle for fuel if enough oxygen isn't
present toburnthefat. When was the last time you saw an endurance athlete
with bulky muscles?

This is also why arobic exercise is more effective after weight training.
The weight training burns up the glycogen stores so that when you do your
arobic work you go right into burningfatfor fuel.