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Default Does weight lifting or cardio exercises speed weight loss?

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On Feb 24, 6:44 pm, "Homer Simpson"
This is also why arobic exercise is more effective after weight training.
The weight training burns up the glycogen stores so that when you do your
arobic work you go right into burningfatfor fuel.

if i start doing weights before aerobic exercises should i move from
one weight regimen to another without stopping. i mean,,,there's a
constancy of activity when one does aerobic workouts,,,,should i
strive for this "continual activity" mode when i do weights prior to
aerobics as well, or does it not matter?

Quite honestly, you are overanalyzing things here. Basics are simple:

1. Lift to build muscles. Muscles look good and weight the same as fat,
so you won't need a calorie restriction to lose fat.
2. Diet to lose weight. No other way works. You can overeat your
cardio expenses very easily.
3. Run. (No cardio - really run.) Being lighter helps you run better
times, so you will hopefully be motivated to watch your diet.
Concentrate on making progress with your running (and go outside too).

You can switch the order of things as suits you best, but you can't make
them work differently. Lifting will not make you lose weight, until you
overeat due to largely psychological problems. Lifting makes you feel
goo, so it works for some people. Running alone also doesn't work all
that great if you don't watch your diet. Diet alone will always work,
but it's hard to maintain it infinitely, so for long term success you
need a lifestyle change. Be it running, lifting or a combination of
both, it still mainly helps you in watching what you eat.

I mean, it doesn't matter if you run then lift or the other way around.
Whatever you do first will improve faster, but that's it. Don't overdo
it too. Injuries suck.

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