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Default Sprinters running a mile...

Flo Jo was purportedly training for the '96 Olympics in the
marathon,although I couldn't find a one she ran in while googling.

Funny, but she never ran another sprint after her Olympic quadruple. In
the 4X400 she ran a leg in the low to mid 48s, much faster than the
Olympic 400 meter champ, and she never trained specifically for that

While I have zero proof and I assume she passed the drug tests, I
believe 100% she was juiced.

Real conspiracy theorists claim she flunked her test at the Olympics,
but since she caused such a sensation, the officials decided to take a
pass, especially on the heels of Ben Johnson.

In return there was a supposed agreement she would never run a sprint
What gives me pause is that she was very marketable after her wins and
unheard of times.
If she continued running and dominating even one more season, her
endorsements would have soared.