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Default Sprinters running a mile...

On Monday, August 16, 2010 at 1:07:45 PM UTC-4, Grokman Grokman wrote:
Awl --

100 m sprinters -- purely anaerobic, right?

Do you think any of them include distance running at all, for
"crosstraining" purposes? Distance = 1 mile.

Does anyone know what people capable of a 10 sec 100m would run a mile in?

How bout distance runners running the 100m?

Intuition tells me that milers, even marathoners, would do better in the
100m than 100 m people would do in a mile -- cuz, well, they are already
traversing 100 m. huyuk
. I don't think sprinters could even *complete* a marathon, proly not even

If this is true, the vast asymmetry of the two camps is inneresting....



I have been a nationally ranked age group sprinter for 40 years and can tell you the majority of top sprinters could run a mile but not @ national caliber and the reason is two fold; one, they would have to train over 20 miles per week and build up their aerobic capacity as the mile is 70% aerobic and 30% anaerobic, most can not or will not do that, second and more important is that sprinters have over 90% fast twitch fibers and this alone would prevent them from running a great mile. Just because one is a great sprinter does not mean they can just step on the track and run a great mile, it does not work that way.