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Default Does weight lifting or cardio exercises speed weight loss?

On Feb 25, 2:54 pm, "Homer Simpson"

Yes it is possible and quite common. A person's heart rate generally is
elevated the entire time their breathing is raised. If you have a heart rate
monitor try it for yourself. Do a few heavy sets of squats to get your heart
rate up and time the interval it takes to return to normal.

Um, well, what's "normal," now...I suppose the rate never gets back to
one's pre-exercise figure, okay, but when you said "through the roof"
and "never...back to normal" it sounds like more than just the general
elevated condition one would expect for a state of physical
which case I have to wonder again whether something isn't unusual...I
mean, me, five minutes' rest, I'm almost back into "civilian
mode"...someone as well-practiced as Dr. Squat should recover much
better than me, even though he lifts, what, over three times more than

Right after a squat or deadlift my heart's pumping like I'd just done
a long half-minute sprint or something, but within five minutes?? I
just can't imagine anyone still breathing hard after such a long time.