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Default Which way to do bridge is better, and why?

I found 2 ways to do the bridge online:

Look further - there are more.


That is a hip bridge, not a back bridge, and the idea of it is
specifcally _not_ to use your back but to maximally contract your
gluteal muscles.

(2) .jpg

I don't know what that one is, an upside down pushup, perhaps. Looking
around, I see similar to this a lot, but it mislabelled, IMHO.

I've always done it the 2nd way simply because I "made up" an
exercise for the back that was the opposite of the plank for the abs.
However, most of the online info refers to the 1st way. Which way is
better, and why?

This is a traditional back bridge, albeit not such a good example.

It can also be done, with similar posture in the back but with only the
head on the ground, and is called a neck bridge.