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Default Care of Speedo Solid Racer Suit


I find that with my Speedos at the end of a swim session I always ensure I
wash my Speedos in the shower immediately after my swim. I have no
hesitation in using my hand soap or shampoo when I do this. I rotate two
pairs of Speedos, one of which are well over a year old but still in very
respectable condition. Then I rinse the Speedo free of the soap. At the
end of my shower I again rinse the Speedo in pure cold water from the
shower. I find this has a contracting effect which helps keep your swim
suit snug rather than stretched.

You should also be very particular as to the type of Speedo you buy.
Chlorine is NOT good for them. The "Speedo" brand have a range out called
"Endurance" these swimmers are designed to be more chlorine resistant and
longer lasting (and they do cost a little more). But this range I find are
fantastic in their practicality and function as well as feeling very good
when worn in and around the pool.

Note a lycra based Speedo is the LEAST chlorine resistant material (I


"Karl Dentino" wrote in message
I am relatively new to the group so if this has been covered please
forgive me. I swim in a chlorinated pool three times a week, in the
water about 45 minutes. My swimsuit is the Speedo solid racer #70800.
It is mostly lycra. I have noticed that while the fit lasts quite
long the seat tends to fray or thin a bit after only a month of use or
so, and small white flecks start to appear. I only rinse the suit in
the shower (no soap) and I have been rotating them. Am I doing
something wrong? Should I be washing them in the washing machine?
They are quite expensive at $30 a pop. I would think that I should get
at least 6 months out of them.