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Adrian Tupper
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Peter Clinch wrote in news:32sqehF3q4dajU1

Simon Caldwell wrote:

The bloke in the kilt who used to live in the derelict caravan by the
campsite in Torridon (and who now seems to live in one of the
(council?) houses there) was quite adamant that the correct
pronunciation is as it's spelled, ie Lee-ath-ach.

And he should know.

I've heard several different pronunciations over the years, several from
people who "should know" and were quite adamant about it. They can't
all be right...

(I usually go for Lee-a-t(h)ach myself, as I just like the sound of it).


I used to, until someone assured me it was Lee-ag-ach. But that didn't
sound especially gaelic so I settled for Lee-a(g)h-ach. i.e the middle
consonnant is slightly softer than the last.