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Default Lou Ferrigno on Toyota commercial....

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Inyone see this?? HOLY ****.......

**I** could kick Ferrigno's ass now..... He looked terrible.

So much for "lifestyle" and "long-term compliance" and health/fitness.
'course, Lou wasn't exactly healthy even in his "prime" -- no bodybuilder
Didn't Schwarzenignorant have a triple bypass or sumpn?? Man, in his
last movies, they had to do some serious pyooter air brushing, yo.....

If you contrast these inflate/deflate assholes with, say, pictures of
Leonard Schwartz (the HeavyHands guy) in his late 60's, there is no
comparison. You'd think Leonard was an old Lou or Arnold.
And iirc, Leonard Schwartz (a psychiatrist) started heavyhanding because
of his poor physical condition during the primes of Lou/Arnold.

Or Charles Bronson, an ex-coal miner.

Which just goes to show how "true process" (discussed in another thread
with david) trumps bull**** goal setting, parlour tricks, and sleight of
hand -- which is all BB'ing -- and infomercial **** -- really is, amidst
a magical narcissistic carpet ride.

Which just highlights butt another facet of the Mind**** -- there are
more facets to the health/fitness mind**** than there are on a Disco
Mirror Globe.

It seems to me that once major participants in the Mind**** of the
(M)asses are done with the show, and past their mind****ing prime, it
seems difficult for them to muster respect even for themselves, almost an
homage to the disrespect, mind****, and ripoff of the past (M)asses.

Charles Bronson I think got that way from using kb's dontcha think?

No, silly, he got that way from swinging a pick axe....
But.... But.... Wait a minute.... wait a minute...

According to Jason, swinging a pick axe is the SAME as swinging a

Holy ****.... So Bronson DID, indirectly, use kettlebells!!!

Bronson had one of the great Hollywood bods, even as he got older. Not a
big guy, either.
I think it was in Hard Times, as a back-alley fighter, with Redford as his
manager, there are some shirtless scenes.... holy ****... and he wasn't
young then, either. Like a rock, very impressive, all natural, and proly
with no weights.

Compare Mitch Gaylord, with his fukn G-ball or whatever he's whoring now,
and his gynecomastia.... goodgawd....
Bitch tits, for any of the old mfw-ers still lurking.....

Oh, recall the Ferrigno played The Hulk.....

There's gotta some big bloke out there in the clouds of MarketingLand, just
laughing his effing ass off at the World's Morons -- all 5,999,000,000 of
them -- buying Ab Isolators from fat Tony I-got-no-abs Littles, diet plans
from fat Michael Blueprint-yer-body Thurmonds, and Kirstie Alley getting
fired by Jenny Craig.....
Oh, and leave us not forget the magical superiority of kettlebells over
fukn hilarious, social darwinianly speaking.

And, I'm not even a thin-freak. I think, along with Stephen Blair, that
weight loss, altho proly important in some regard, has been
epidemiologically/statistically confused with the lack of fitness, so that
fitness makes weight loss itself simply a correlative factor with
ill-health, and a far second ito of true causality.

One can play the citation game, and here is an inneresting link which
demonstrates the game, re fit vs. fat: Very

So ultimately you can believe what you choose, playing the cite/site gaime,
BUT, if you look at the issue from a pure biochemical/physiological
viewpoint, there is no reason whatsoever for *being in a state of fatness*
to cause physiological harm. Rather, it's *HOW you got fat* that matters.
Which is apparently a point far too subtle for publish-or-perish academic

Blair asserts that heavier people in fact fare BETTER than skinny assholes,
ito many statistical markers, including mortality. effingHilarious.
But no surprise, given that fuknScientists can't agree on how to use a g-d
thermometer to measure the temp of the earth.