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Default Woollen trousers

On Mon, 18 Dec 2017 13:39:37 -0000 (UTC), Nick Maclaren wrote:

I want some woollen trousers, not actually for walking, but for
something similar. The trouble is that (for practical reasons)
I need them washable - inter alia, non-washable trousers are not
suitable for outdoor activities, because they will get soaked and
mud will be embedded in them.

My problem is that all the ones I can find are either designed for
city slickers ot the 'untin', shootin' and fishin' brigade. Not
merely are most of them ridiculously expensive, they are generally
too flimsy or too heavy, lined and often unsuitable weaves. I need
something that is hard-woven, but breathable and about as heavy as
traditional heavy suiting. The H, S and F ones are designed for
standing about, which is not what I shall be doing.

I want them for being active, when sleeping out, so wool is critical
and lining is NOT helpful. They WILL get wet and they WILL stay wet,
because I can't generate enough body heat when not exercising to dry

Any ideas for suppliers?

Not for suppliers, but for a heavy, plain garment I had derby tweeds -
weighed 2lb 12oz v. 12oz for standard trousers. Very wide bottoms with
turnups, so cut down to taper from just below the knee.
On a snowholing night in the Cairngorms I found them too warm whilst I was
digging and then rather welcome overnight.
I don't know if they're still available.

A few years ago the 'in' thing seemed to be Merino wool blended with other
fibres but I've seen no sign of that of late.

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