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Default newbie question: BB diet management

"John HUDSON" wrote in message
On Thu, 13 Nov 2003 05:29:09 +1000, "David"

"Trevor" wrote in message

Trev, this is a complex question. I will attempt to answer with my own
personal experience. Couple of years ago, with my new year's resolutions

decided to stop smoking, drinking and sex all at the same time. It was

toughest 20 minutes of my life!

Since the little ambulanceman decided to be rude, he has ceased to be
amusing. In fact I am thinking seriously of killfiling him!

He has provided me with many a belly laugh for some considerable time
now, and even caused the odd drink to do the cascade routine from the
nostrils. However, it is difficult to laugh with someone who is acting
like an arsehole.

I have therefore appointed the other David to be my new favourite
comedian. If the little ambulanceman doesn't improve he will
definitely join other trolls in my expanding killfiles.

Let that be a warning to all those who may care to trifle with me - no
more Mr Nice Guy!

Dear Mr "No More Mr Nice Guy"
thanks for the compliment - hope you realize that really good comedy doesn't
come easy - (plus you always need the day job to fall back on) - the little
ambulance man has been strangely silent lately - maybe he killfiled one
person too many and not getting any messages?