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Default Bowflex, Crossbow, Schwinn

Hello, All,
Well, it's tax refund time, and my wife has given me permission to buy a
home gym!! I am intrigued by the bowflex, and noticed at a sporting goods
store that there is now a Schwinn Bowflex out, as well as the Weider

Tom, the reason Schwinn now makes one is that Nautilus (Direct Focus) owns
Bowflex and Schwinn. The Weider is probably make by ICON, who makes most of
Weider's equipment. Weider then rubber stamps their name on ICONs manchine.
ICON is notorious for making inferior equipment.

From what I've read online, it seems that the crossbow is a
decent machine, but I wanted to ask first.

All of these machine operate off "variable resistance," which is a good
training method. However, all of these machine are poorly make...meaning you
are paying for more and getting less.

Does anyone have experience with
any of these 3 machines? How do they rate? Is it worth it to pay more for
the Schwinn or the Bowflex, or is the Weider an awesome deal? I look
forward to hearing comments/advice.

I have experience with the Bowflex. We sell the Bowflex where I work...or
should I say people buy them, we don't try to sell them. We have had them for
about a year now.

I am not the only one who has problems with the construction of Bowflex. They
have been recalled.

"So far 70 people have been injured. The models being recalled are the Bowflex
Power Pro XL, XTL, and the XTLU." Massive Recall On Bowflex
Exercise Machines

You can find out more about the recall by going to google and typing in "recall
on Bowflex."

I promise you that Crossbow and Schwinn are the same quality as the
Bowflex...which is NOT good.