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Default Tread mill jogging vs Trail jogging

"Phil M." wrote in message
One dark day on Usenet, "Huguito" said

Hi, id just like all of your opinions on if tread mill jogging is
better than trail jogging or vice versa?, what are the benefits of
jogging on both methods. I ask because i really enjoy jogging
alongside the canal in the dirt road , its all flat, i like it that
way, im jogging to loose weight right now, thanks for your input.

If you enjoy running along the canal, keep doing that. Anything that will
keep you running is a good thing.

Ps, i jog every other day , 1/4 mile warm up, then 2miles jog, get
home and stretch, is there a better way to loose weight i really don't
have time to go to the gym , i jog because i live 1/4 mile from the

I think we've been here before, At any rate, if you want to burn more
calories and lose more weight, alternate your running days with a brisk 2
mile walk. Running 2 miles or walking 2 miles, it makes no difference,
they both burn about the same amount of calories.

Phil M.

Phil, I presume you mean ADD the walking days to what he is already doing.
That is increase the total volume of exercise.