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Default Obama calls for new declaration of independence

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On Jan 18, 1:10 pm, "Bob Myers" wrote:

And as a result of that cowardly act, 168 innocent men, women, and
children died. If you think that the actions of this nutjob were in even
the slightest bit admirable, then you're scum. Plain and simple.

McVeigh would not have planned to bomb the Murrah building if he had
known it was going to be occupied. He would have proceeded with his
plans to assassinate government officials and the Ruby Ridge sniper.

Bull. McVeigh could never be certain the building was unoccupied,
and at the time of the bombing could, in fact, be virtually certain that
it WOULD be occupied, with the occupants including a number of
children. He didn't "proceed with his plans to assassinate government
officials" (which would itself have been despicable enough) because he
was a coward. It's that simple.

While McVeigh did kill people, he believed that it was a *necessity*
for the White resistance to fight the tyrannical US government and tried
get his attorneys to present that defense.

Most, if not all, killers justify their cowardly acts in their own minds.
That hardly makes them right, and certainly does not make them either
admirable or respectable.

He exhibited intelligence and the professional soldier behavior that
he learned in the US Army until the end of his life, and that causes
me to *respect* him.

Then you have, not surprisingly, extraordinary low standards regarding
who you respect. But then, we already knew that.

And intelligent, professional soldiers do not knowingly even RISK
that number of innocent civilian lives. McVeigh was scum. End of
story. Tell you what - you go find a REAL professional soldier
(I realize that you'll have to go quite a way out of your normal
circle of acquiantances to do that) and ask him or her if THEY think
that McVeigh exhibited ANY traits that they would take pride in.
Be prepare, of course, for said soldier to throw at least one good
punch in your direction, unless they can themselves show a truly
extraordinary level of professionalism and restraint. Frankly, I
wouldn't blame them one bit if they left you in a bloody heap for
even suggesting that McVeigh was anything REMOTELY akin to
a "professional soldier" re these actions.

McVeigh wasn't charged with the murder of the collateral victims,
after being convicted of federal charges of murdering federal

Of course not. Those charges would have been made by the
State of Oklahoma, not the federal government, and unfortunately
you can only kill these scumbags once for their crimes.

Bob M.