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On 05/01/2019 1:50 pm, Bob Douglas wrote:
"Graham Seed"¬* wrote in message ...
...still here? Actually got onto Striding Edge this year!

Seasons Greetings to All.


I tend to look in from time to time, but Christmas seems to be the only
occasion when anyone else does¬* ;-)

Dodgy knees mean I'm largely restricted to flat(ter) walks nowadays, but
subject to terrain, I can still knock 13-15 miles off in a day out, so
I'm not complaining.

Funnily enough, though, I also managed to lead my kids and partners up
over Striding Edge in October ('accompany' would probably be a better
description than lead :-) )

I quite surprised myself, and though the number of times must now be
well into the teens, it doesn't pale.

(Suffered a bit the next day, though).

Season's Greetings to the diminishing few.

I can relate to the dodgy knees. Actually, back in 2000 (I think) when
urw did an 'expedition' to Snowdonia I hit a brick wall from a knee
point of view and crawled off Moel Siabod in agony. I only just got to
the pub! (some things are just too important). Anyway. an X ray at the
hospital revealed osteoarthritis and I thought, thats me stuffed.
However, I bought a couple of poles and never looked back, to the point
that I dumped the poles a few years after. Dunno what that was all about
- my knees still 'click' now, probably a really bad sign, but it seems
the remedy for dodgy knees is to go walking.

As for Striding Edge, Yes, I was up in similar circumstances and your
description echos mine. I was chuffed when, with the main exit off the
down climb blocked by a couple with two large petrified dogs, my lot
shot down a climb at the side which was fairly exposed without a murmur!
As long as my knees keep going I can see another trip over Crib Goch,
which my lad would love. Perhaps if we get a run of decent weather......