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"Graham Seed" wrote in message ...

I can relate to the dodgy knees.

I had an arthroscopy on the left many years ago, with a trim of the
cartilage. In 2012, descending in the Ă–tztal in Austria, the same knee blew
up to twice its normal size.

Had to give up the walking and go and celebrate my 60th in the Biergarten of
Salzburg instead (shame ;-) )

Subsequent X-ray and another arthroscopy revealed straight bone-on-bone,
with everything else worn away. Consultant happily stated he'd do me a
knee-replacement within the next 18 months if I got myself referred.

Whatever, all the debris was washed out, and here I am, approaching 70 more
quickly than I'd like, and still, rather to my surprise, able to do a good
few miles on the flat.

On a risk vs reward basis, that's enough for me to avoid any thought of
replacement as yet. (I'm not squeamish about it - all the informed info I
can get about knee replacement is that (unlike hips) you do it to avoid
pain, not to improve articulation). Whilst I can suffer a bit walking (and
particularly on steps, or "rock-hopping"), the current state is still

I think the other knee is heading in the same direction, though - that's the
one of mine that "clicks".

Whilst I think I'm doing OK for an old duffer, one of my long-term, regular
walking friends has just (November) completed the Annapurna circuit at the
age of 71!