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Default meet report...still learning

"Will" wrote in message
Well, I continue to learn as I start to pursue powerlifting. Did a USPF
push-pull meet in Napa, CA today.

First off, I am crappy at weight management. I get paranoid and overdo
the weight cutting measures the week before a meet...although I think
the scale I rely on at home may be weighing a little heavy as well.
Whatever the exact reasons, I competed in the 220 lb class weighing in

211. (At a hair over 6 feet tall)

Yikes! I was in the mid 220s at the start of the month. That shook me
up a bit. And while it's no excuse, my coach bailed on me at the last

Despite the weight loss I didn't feel too bad but my bench shirt felt
really loose. My warmup with 275 touched easily, I'm used to needing at
least 315 to be sure to touch.

Opened at 319...smoked it. Figured I'd be good for 353. Figured wrong.
First time I'm told I brought it down too high on my chest. Got it
halfway up and stalled out. Third attempt hit where it should but
stalled out again, and I probably cut the pause short anyway. Crap.
I've done a solid 350 in the gym, but I weighed a lot more than 211 at
the time. My bench shirt didn't leave a single mark on my body, a sure
sign it's too loose now.

At least I hit my goal of 1.5x bodyweight at a meet...but this is not
how I wanted to do it.

Similar story for the deadlift. With no coach and feeling so
underweight I decided to stick with my play it safe, raw attempt
strategy. Opened with 408 and got it ok. Next was 424, double
bodyweight. Got it, but it was way harder than it should have been. I
got it moving and just refused to stop despite fighting it for what felt
like an eternity...probably 6 seconds or so. Got a lot of support from
the crowd. It really says something about the comraderie of
powerlifting that I got a ton of applause and personal congratulations
for busting my butt to complete what is quite frankly a very
unimpressive lift. Just for the hell of it I asked for 452 for my third
and stuffed myself into my Metal Deadlifter as fast as I could. Got the
bar to my knees and tried my damnedest not to give up on it as I fought
the straps until the fingers on my right hand peeled open. I think I
need some custom work to get a deadlift suit that works for me, a 54
Metal is way too loose on my hips and thighs but the straps on the 52
kill me.

So, mixed feelings at the end of the day. Once again I seem to have
left my best lifts in the gym, but at least I'm improving. I need to be
a lot less stupid about weight management and figure out how to peak for
meets rather than test days in the gym. I am starting to think the
instensity during the last two weeks of the peaking phase in Sheiko is
just too low, at least for me. It feels strange going into a meet not
having lifted anything really heavy for two weeks, especially
considering i do better on test days in the middle of normal training

And next meet I'm lifting at whatever I weigh fully fed, even if it
means lifting in the 242's at 220.7.

your deadlift is way disproportional to your bench.

you didn't do a 450 deadlift at 221 lbs bodyweight, but you "smoked" a 319
bp, albeit with a shirt