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your deadlift is way disproportional to your bench.

you didn't do a 450 deadlift at 221 lbs bodyweight, but you "smoked" a

bp, albeit with a shirt

Very unlike you, Whit. Standard lower-body powerlifter thinking. I
realize that powerlifting scoring favors that. But it ignores that
some people have better upper body strength, while others have better
lower body strength.

Look at the record lifts in most powerlifting associations. The best
totals, deadlift, and squat are frequently held by the same person,
but that person almost never has the best bench press.

not nessecarily upper or lower body strength. A good deadlifter will have
long arms and short legs (which provides an advantage to squat as well).

bencher will have short arms.
THe IPF 52kg record holder (cant remember his name) has squatted 300,
benched 177.5 but struggles getting 140kg deadlift cos hes a dwarf and

body structure doesnt allow a decent lift.
Coan is a deadlifter and a squatter, but his bench is comparably lower

not tiny)

i have short arms, long legs, and am still a better deadlifter than bencher