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Default Don't throw away your map and compass

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On Wed, 20 May 2009 16:33:53 +0100, Motzarella wrote:

Bernard said in

I recently arranged a weekend away with a groups of friends. Those
who got lost on their way to the bunk house were those relying on
satnav in their car. It was so funny.

That's the trouble with relying on it ... If you use it as an aid to
navigation and keep a mental eye out for stupidity it's a positive boon to
most people.

Trouble is, the stupidity doesn't stop with the satnav - any one who'll
follow instruction in to a canal/field/railway isn't fit to be loose in the
first place!

Hey, I turned left (downstream) at a ford once (well, more precisely my
driver did). Of course we were rallying in the dark, at the time, and
blue lines on OS maps don't show up very well by dim red light, and we
were travelling quite fast at the time.

This was just after we'd missed the existence of a hump back bridge
(same problem - same stream in fact) 30 feet before a '90-left', and
Mini Cooper's turn out to corner =really poorly= with no wheels on the
ground.... luckily they were very sturdy. 8.

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