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You can adjust the smoothing function which might help.

Otherwise, this seems to be a common issue with the Garmin. I pretty much
ignore that and focus on the mile (or km) splits. For LT runs, I have used
a 800m split distance to allow for me to adjust the pace in a timely manner
if I need to.

"Bertjan" wrote in message
I just got my Garmin Forunner 201. I use it for measuring the speed
during my running exercise.
The speed I measuring is varying during the exercise. This while i
think i run at a steady speed. The speed indicator is changing between
10 and 12 Kilometer/Hour. I like to see the speed in stead of pace
(wich has a smooth function)

Does anyone has any experiance to prevent this or has the same
The firmware version is 3.4