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Default Any comments about the Essential XT4 elliptical?

Finally got to try a few ellipticals at the local stores. Originally, I
thought about the Eclipse 1000HR but the cheap feel and noise made me feel
that it wouldn't be worth the money. I had heard good things about the
Kettlers, but when I tried the Condor, I didn't like the foot pad pitch --
felt like it would be stressful on the knees in the long run. Too bad,
because I love the small footprint and the solid build (it was really
smooth and quiet too). Then I tried the Essential XT4 (Lifefitness'
consumer line) and found it to be pretty nice. Although a shorter warranty
than the Kettler (probably reflecting its Taiwan build, at 2 yrs parts vs.
3 yrs. on the Kettler) it had a nice stride, smooth feel, and relatively
flat pitch on the pads. Downsides were that it seemed a bit noisier than
the Kettler, much longer and heavier, and a few hundred dollars more than
the Kettler ($1399 vs. $1199). I tried the Vision and Horizon ellipticals,
and found them to have more pitch as well; I still want to try the
Diamondback 600EL, but right now I'm leaning towards the Essential.
Problem is, there seems to be no feedback at all on the 'net regarding this
machine. Do any owners out there have any feedback they'd like to offer?