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On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 13:31:31 -0000, "Tony Buckley"

And quite right too. Just to recap then Michael, you pronounce Liathach

The bloke in the kilt who used to live in the derelict caravan by the
campsite in Torridon (and who now seems to live in one of the
(council?) houses there) was quite adamant that the correct
pronunciation is as it's spelled, ie Lee-ath-ach.

And he should know.

Should he?
He's not the chap that was one of the original 7-up kids in the
programme done for ITV around 1965 is he? (They do a revisit every 7
years, but each time they find it even harder to get the originals to
take part). If so, he came from Brum or Liverpool or Glasgow or
somewhere else sassenach, forgotten just where..

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